“Passion and dedication is what HERÍA is all about. HERÍA will embellish your business with a unique charm that can only be found with HERÍA. HERÍA is the brainchild of extensive research, profound knowledge and most importantly the love for everything that HERÍA stands for. Welcome to HERÍA!.”
Emilia Florek-Guerrero, Founder&Owner


HERÍA is more than just a name. HERÍA extracts the real essence of businesses and creates powerful brands. HERÍA specializes in brand experience, quality audits and social shareability – Instagrammability.

HERÍA focuses on building impressive experiences that will enforce your brand and will define your business at a new level. Gaining brand recognition and the attention of customers will help you in establishing personal and emotional relationships that will turn into long-lasting ones.

HERÍA will deliver to make sure that your revenue will increase, customer loyalty will reach remarkable levels and will be based on unbreakable bonds. Its innovative approach and top-of-the-line recommendations are what makes HERÍA stand out.

HERÍA will provide you with the tips and secrets to create experiences that are both memorable and valuable and that leave lifelong impressions. HERÍA is looking forward to challenges as this is what gives HERÍA the framework to go beyond expectations.

HERÍA welcomes cooperation with:

  • hospitality & travel businesses: hotels, resorts, B&Bs, hostels, spas, restaurants, yacht/golf clubs, cruise lines;
  • luxury real estate agencies;
  • fashion & beauty brands;
  • museums;
  • lifestyle brands;
  • any type of business that simply wants to enhance its brand.

Drop us a line at: contact@heria.eu.