Whether it is a complex strategy or a single element of a master plan, our extensive portfolio of services enables brands to appeal to their audience by creating meaningful stories and memorable experiences. At HERÍA we keep things at a professional level. We are experts in Instagrammability (generating user-generated content), quality audits (mystery shopping) and brand experience (designing memorable moments); just to name a few.


We leave hotels better
than we found them.

We’ll conduct a quality audit of your hotel. We’ll act as mystery shoppers, analyze weak and strong touch points of your hotel and its service, prepare a detailed report and give recommendations. All this to minimize the costs of your daily errors and make your guests feel better so they come back.

We reshape hotels into Instagram-friendly spaces.

We’ll make your hotel Instagrammable. We’ll scan your hotel part by part, analyze its resources, collaborate with designers, arrange Instagrammable spots and conduct a workshop at your hotel. All this to make your hotel Instagram-famous and shareable on social media. Free user-generated content is what we are striving for.

We make hotels never to be forgotten.

We’ll design unforgettable experiences at your hotel. We’ll create a customer journey map, analyze all touch points, create brand experience guidelines and conduct audits before and after the concept implementation. All this to make experience at your hotel memorable and buzz-worthy.