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HÍ! And welcome! My name is Emilia and I am here to help you and/or your business become happier, more energized, and more successful.

By learning about evidence-based tools (and applying them by myself) as well as by discovering so much value from ancient wisdom and modern research, I learned how to become happier and more resilient. Happier people = happier families = more successful organizations = happier communities and so on… I would love to guide you through the happiness journey towards a well-lived life.

Let’s work together as the time for change is when if not now!

“I am a believer in sophisticated simplicity. I simplify things, the best I can, using creativity.”

Emilia Florek-Guerrero

I am a great listener. I offer psychological safety and confidence.

My work is mostly based on the SPIRÉE model which I would love to discover with you. You can learn more about this model here.


I met some great minds along my way – as Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar (who even made me read the works of Confucius, however not in Chinese;). Some of my teachers, especially at the beginning of my education, were not as great… I would even say not at all… but I am grateful for them as I could learn from their mistakes. This is my educational journey (so far):

 – Certified Happiness Trainer, Happiness Studies Academy, USA

 – Certified Wellness Coach, Real Balance Global Wellness, USA

 – Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, University of Warsaw, Poland

 – MSc in Economics, Poznan University of Economics and Business, Poland

 – MSc in Tourism and Leisure, MIB Trieste School of Management, Italy

Certified Happiness Trainer HSA Emilia Florek-Guerrero HSA

ADDITIONAL COURSES:Happiness conference

I am a believer and practitioner of a life-long learning and the love of learning is one of my biggest strengths, below are just some of the courses I took:

 – The Science of Wellbeing, Yale University, USA

 – Life and Business Coaching, University of Warsaw, Poland

 – Service, experience, and emotion design, University of Warsaw, Poland

 – Design Your Culture For Change, National Wellness Institute, USA


When you give, you also receive (this comes from the word NATAN which is a palindrome – can be read backward or forward). These are two wonderful initiatives which I am proud to be a part of:

 – Co-founder of Happiness Studies Academy Alumni & Business Club

 – Ambassador of Poland of Global Wellness Day


I love practicing meditation as it has a powerful impact on our brain if practiced on a regular basis. Sometimes, I create my own meditations, and here is a sample:


I believe that experiences, not things, make us happy. As I love tourism and wellbeing, I merge both in my articles. Sometimes I travel for real and sometimes I get on an imaginary trip. Yes, I am a dreamer. Here are some stories I wrote:

 – Amankora in Bhutan – A Journey Towards Happiness in Bhutan

FORUM Magazine Canada, Winter 2022/2023
Amankora Bhutan wellness wellbeing happiness well-living

 – Amanpuri, Phuket in Thailand – Peaceful wellness in the tropics

FORUM Magazine Canada, Winter 2021/2022
Amanpuri Phuket Wellness Wellbeing Happiness Well-living

– Aman Kyoto in Japan – Wellness Inspired by Nature and Design

FORUM Magazine Canada,  Summer 2021

Aman Kyoto Wellbeing Wellness Well-living Happiness

– Borgo Egnazia in Italy – A Happiness Retreat in a Blue Zone Setting

FORUM Magazine Canada, Winter 2020/2021
BorgoEgnazia Italy Wellbeing Wellness Happiness Well-living Blue zone


If you wonder how we can collaborate, below are some examples of possible forms of cooperation.

I am available for:

  • delivering webinars, lectures, and workshops,
  • designing courses,
  • leading meditations, creating custom-made meditations,
  • conducting individual consultations,
  • designing strategies (consulting) regarding well-living (happiness & wellbeing),
  • creating spaces with a well-living concept (infusing them with wellbeing and happiness),
  • designing wellbeing experiences (retreats, services, etc.),
  • conducting organizational happiness/wellbeing programs,
  • organizing and leading retreats.