5 things to focus on before you open your hotel doors (after the coronavirus lockdown)

Your potential guests are at home now but they miss traveling. Once they are free to travel again they need to take decisions where to travel and which hotel to choose. We present to you 5 very important practices to follow during the lockdown time. Apply them before there is a green light for starting your hotel operations again so that you will not receive a red light from your potential customers once they take travel decisions!


Demonstrate what you are doing. Show people how you have changed the hotel spaces, how they have been rearranged. In this way you will give them the comfort of safety and get the trust back. It is also a way of regaining loyalty. Be as transparent as you can be. Your customers need proofs of cleanliness. Ultimately, the fear of the coronavirus will go away among travelers, but it is important to show them how you adjusted to the new reality. Let them feel secured and assured. When they come back, they will surely notice your refreshed looks.


Taking a step further. People need clarity and there is no space for mixed-communication. Think like your potential guests and put yourself in their shoes: “In order for me to travel – every step of my way from home to the hotel room needs to be safe”. Point out all touch points in regards to safety and hygiene measures. However, remember that these are basics. Almost every hotel will do it. In this way you will secure your guests that your environment is safe but you will not necessary distinguish yourself…


Here is what you can do more. Remember, it is not the time for hard sales but for building relationships. Find ambassadors – “everyday people” among your community. These could be taxi drivers, spa therapists, fruit & vegetables suppliers, etc. Everybody has an interesting story to tell. You just need to encourage the person and bring it out of him/her. Your local ambassadors will tell stories which people want to hear. Why? Because they are authentic. People like people who are similar to them. Make the locals your little heroes.


People are staying at home but it does not mean their minds cannot travel. What type of images are you showing now to them? Make sure not the ones with a lot of people… Focus on images showcasing nature, beautiful views, delicious meals, healthy mocktails, etc. Not necessary face masks, sanitizers, soaps… we are all overwhelmed with that… since the COVID-19 is all over the media now.


Traveling will be mostly domestic and people will be rediscovering their own countries first. It is from the domestic traffic – traveling will grow gradually. Did you adjust your hotel (its space) to Millenials and Gen Z? Do you know how to attract them? Show some visually attractive parts of your hotel. Analyze if there is anything that can have a tag of being Instagram-friendly. You can still learn how to make your hotel Instagrammable from our e-book. Do not worry, adjusting your spaces and services does not necessary need to require a big budget, you can apply some low-cost solutions, but you need to know which and how. If you have not focused on Millenials and Gen Z yet, it is still not too late. Grab a copy of the e-book and nail it once and for all! Think strategically, look for the long-term solutions that will bring profit to your business.


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