Aman launches The Essentials collection

From the lofty peaks of Bhutan to the soft sands of Turks & Caicos, Aman has long built sanctuaries in the most inspirational locations on Earth. In these diverse settings, sensitive design and architecture connect guests to the spirit of a place, where transformative experiences, warm hospitality, and wellbeing are paramount. Inspired by this philosophy, Aman announces the arrival of a new retail collection, The Essentials by Aman, marking the next steps in the brand’s vision to expand outside the parameters of its hotels and resorts. Exclusively available at Aman boutiques across the globe, the inaugural collection comprises activewear, loungewear, knitwear, swimwear, resort wear and soft accessories. Read more

Are wellness, wellbeing, and happiness synonyms?

This is a question which is being asked very frequently. Myself, I was also confused for some time, before starting my journey across the wellness industry, wellbeing, and the science of happiness, and seeking to understand what really the difference was. Today, after having been indulged in these subjects for quite a while now and having gained some knowledge from major global leaders, I thought it was a great opportunity to explain the distinction among these three words. Read more

5 things to focus on before you open your hotel doors (after the coronavirus lockdown)

Your potential guests are at home now but they miss traveling. Once they are free to travel again they need to take decisions where to travel and which hotel to choose. We present to you 5 very important practices to follow during the lockdown time. Apply them before there is a green light for starting your hotel operations again so that you will not receive a red light from your potential customers once they take travel decisions! Read more